Grieving the Loss of Online Friends….



As We get older We come to expect the loss of Friends and Family. It is an inevitable event. We gather together with those who knew and Cherished Our lost Loved ones. Tales are shared of days gone by….school days, first loves….Weddings, Births, Anniversaries, and so many other Special moments that have passed. We Grieve that the time has come to say Good Bye.

How tho, do We Grieve for online Friends; who We have so few shared memories with?   In a time where Technology has become a part of the everyday landscape, lending a whole new dimension to Friendship,  it begs the question,  “how do We grieve for those losses”?  Many We have not, and Never will, meet face to face!  But, that doesn’t mean that We do not share Beautiful moments, and events with them.  Ones that are just as Special as any We have shared with Our Real life Friends!  I know so many people whose trials, successes, failures, and life events, have been lain bare to those they’ve befriended  online!  Trust has been built in these relationships. They can be quite Real and Honest.  Genuine feelings are shared.

When that day arrives that You log on to Twitter, or Facebook, G+, etc. to find a message in Your inbox, or see a post in Your Timeline, that someone You have come to like, love, or trust, has left this World; how will You react?  What effect will it have on You…..and how will You Grieve? You can’t  look to the rich History You have shared. The Tapestry is not the same!  Touching the lives, reaching out,  to their Family and Friends is not always an option. Will You find Comfort? Does it make Your pain and loss any less real?

I’ve spent a Great deal of time thinking about these things, after losing a couple of My own OL Friends.  And I know that this is something that will come up more often, as time goes by.   If a Friend just disappears from the Landscape of Our online platforms, should We be concerned….should We start to make inquiries?  And How will We deal with what follows?  It would be nice if there was a way to collectively gather, so We could share memories of those We lose!   Though the Canvas will be smaller, there is still a picture we can paint.  Feel free to comment…. I’d really like to hear from some of You on this subject.