I joined the World of Social Networking about 6 Years ago.  First with Facebook, and then with Twitter; about 2 years later.  Since then I have not added a lot of other spaces, with the exception of Google+ and this Blog.  It has been a long journey, and I have learned many things.  

As many of You know, back in August My Father died.  And during the time He was sick in Hospital, I had cause to rethink some things in My life.  One of those things was My use of Twitter, FB, etc.  I decided that since I used these sites for Social contact,  It was time to put that Social, back into My Networking.  At that time I culled over 3000 followers/follows from My account.  Those who did not engage, were not honest, exuded negativity, had NO presence in My Timeline at all; were culled.  I wanted a Fresh start, and thought that’s what I would get. Yet still….just as I think I have squeezed Myself into a comfortable niche….one filled with those like Me, sharing My principles, tenets and Interests; another curve ball is thrown My way!  



I have always felt, as in Real Life, Honesty is of the utmost importance.  I have always used a real, relatively current picture of Myself.  I use My own name.  I do not hide where I live, how old I am, My marital status, or what I have done in My Lifetime.  I try to, never embellish in any way, who Eleanor Jodway is.  

My Friends in Real life can vouch for the fact that, I am a very blunt, forthright, honest and fair person; NEVER backwards in coming Forward!  When I have an issue with something, or someone; I confront it face first, immediately.  I don’t like to keep things inside, giving them the opportunity to fester.  And, I do not feel the need, EVER, to hash things out with everyone but the person/situation that I have issue with.  My modus operandi, is to deal with the person/situation, one on one…openly, and honestly.  If it cannot be resolved, then I walk away…move on.  I DO NOT go behind the scenes and engage in Character Assassination.  I do not cry in the open Timeline, (with or without identifying those who have wronged Me).  I simply disengage, and move on.  It is the right thing to do.  Really, I believe that I’ve made that perfectly clear, on more than a few occasions.  And yet, I who have tried to only put forth positivity; have time and again been the target of Hateful Trolls.  And, not ONE of those times, was it based honestly, on anything I had done!  



I am making one final effort to get My point across.  If You have an issue with Me….if You think I have wronged You in some way….if You believe that either knowingly or not, I have aligned Myself with the wrong type of people or situations, if I have judged You wrongly or misunderstood something You’ve said or done; then I beg of You…..Please approach Me; in a kind, open, honest and mature fashion.  I Welcome this, having absolutely NOTHING to hide.  

I am human, and have erred in My lifetime.  Not one of Us is guiltless in that regard.  But, those days….the days of poor judgement and stupid decisions, are far behind Me; as they should be with a 55 year old Woman!  So People,  PLEASE do NOT belittle again; all the Wonderful experiences I have had through Social Networking.  I really enjoy the time I spend online, (which is not as often these days), and the Amazing people I have met.  Stop robbing Me of that. Why should I have to withdraw from Spaces because of the reckless, actions of others? 






10 thoughts on “Honesty….

  1. Ellie!I’m glad I met you via social media and we are still in touch (not one of those 3K people, #win) Honesty is really important and I think it is important to communicate and not just rt and share :)Love you for what you are!((hugs))

  2. Awww, Thank You so much Sneha! You are one of the True Jewels of the Twitter Community, and I am Sincerely honored to call You "Friend". Honesty, is of the Utmost Importance, as is Transparency. And all I ask is that people exhibit those qualities if they wish to be Friends with me. Otherwise, they should unfollow me. No harm done!

  3. Dear Ellie.Today was a humdinger, starting with a startling comment on Googleplus :-(This is a terrific post. It expresses and mirrors the way I want people to perceive me on all channels of social media. I’m not trying to be anything other than the person I am in real life, and those who know me, will vouch for that.The sad thing about those who spend time vilifying others is that their lives are devoid of anything meaningful. It’s the only reason I can fathom to explain why— when life truly is so fleeting—anyone would waste time on such fruitless activity. If trashing other people is the only thing one has going on in one’s life, how pitiful!Misunderstandings can arise from an errant comment, and we’re all guilty of having done that. The true test is being able to hammer out what happened and grow and strengthen our relationships with the wisdom that arises from resolution.On the flip side of misunderstanding—outright deceit is purposeful, and people who engage in deceiving others are to be avoided.Bravo, Ellie!(((HUGGLES))) Terri

  4. Awesome ellie … and all that u have said is so true .. honesty plays the very vital role in the bonds of relationship … I am truely blessed to have met people like Sneha , Sunil and You via social media. Love the way you are 🙂 🙂 (Hugs)

  5. Hi Ellie,One of the things I admire and like most about you is your honesty!!I’m am glad I have met you through social media.You are a wonderful and kind person and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise!((HUGS)) and a big smile from me GF!!!XOXO Marcia (@Marcia_ms)

  6. Thank You So much Everyone for replying in such a warm and loving manner. All I have ever asked from anyone, is that they be honest with Me. That they be kind and considerate in all that they do; putting others best interests before their own! Owning what You do and say on the internet is imperative. Love You all!

  7. Hi Ellie!I find myself engaging and disengaging a lot in social media these days. It can be rather exhausting trying to keep up. I"m not sure exactly what happened but please know that I am extremely thankful how twitter introduced us to one another! Social media is such a numbers game for some people and I guess that causes them to lose sight of the real power of engaging in a meaningful (and pleasant!) way with others.You’re the bestest!(((HUGS))) Dave

  8. Hello David! How Wonderful to have You weigh in! And, I too am Thankful for Your Friendship. Sharing a little bit of Our lives is Fun! I have met some of the MOST Amazing people through Social Media!!But, I think I will always have these problems with Disingenuous people. Social Media, really is a numbers game. It speaks to the sadness of many people’s empty lives. And, for the most part, I really don’t care what anyone else does. I am generally pretty good at ferreting out the sociopaths. What I do mind tho, is having My Honesty, or My Integrity; called into question. Because what I have learned in 6 years is: there are so many who are nowhere as open, honest, and real, as Myself. And every once in awhile I just have to remind people what the parameters for engaging with Me are! LOLYou My Friend, have been above reproach with Me. You are always kind, never too intrusive, intelligent, and engaging! An All around Good Guy! (((HUGS))) :)P.S. Please don’t mind if I call You David. It’s My older brother’s name too…and tho He likes to call Himself Dave, I still call Him David!

    • Ellie – it was a message about Posterous retiring Places that sent me to this blog. I couldn’t agree with you more!

      My online motto is kindness. I’m sure it comes as a surprise to people when they meet me in real-life as I can be very direct but I know this directness is hard to translate online, so I have always erred on the side of caution

      I am so happy to have found you online, and learned more and more about your life. We share so many common interests; I’m glad you’ve pushed to know me more.

      Since 2001, my first husband, my father and my sister-in-law have died, and the fleeting nature of life has become all too apparent.

      My blog is called “I Have My Own Life to Live” and the end of that tagline is “And so do you!” – if each of us could focus more on living our own one and precious life, there would be more room (flexibility) to allow others to do the same.

      Hugs to you on this glorious spring morning.

      • Hello Janis, it’s so good to see Your comments here! I have been on Your blog before. I’m pretty sure I was following/subscribed to it. I am very direct also. I often feel that some type of compulsion drives Me; as if, I don’t have time to entertain anything but directness/truth! Life is short as We both know, and people spend far to much time on baggage. I want to suck up every drop of life’s gifts, and focus on what is good and positive. I couldn’t agree more with You, in regard to that live and let live attitude. Even in these times, there is so much to be grateful for…..so much to fill You with Joy and Contentment! And it is exactly that inability of others to “Live and let Live”, that drove Me away from Twitter! Hugs to You too on this Glorious Spring Afternoon! And Thank You for taking time to read and comment, on this piece!

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