I joined the World of Social Networking about 6 Years ago.  First with Facebook, and then with Twitter; about 2 years later.  Since then I have not added a lot of other spaces, with the exception of Google+ and this Blog.  It has been a long journey, and I have learned many things.  

As many of You know, back in August My Father died.  And during the time He was sick in Hospital, I had cause to rethink some things in My life.  One of those things was My use of Twitter, FB, etc.  I decided that since I used these sites for Social contact,  It was time to put that Social, back into My Networking.  At that time I culled over 3000 followers/follows from My account.  Those who did not engage, were not honest, exuded negativity, had NO presence in My Timeline at all; were culled.  I wanted a Fresh start, and thought that’s what I would get. Yet still….just as I think I have squeezed Myself into a comfortable niche….one filled with those like Me, sharing My principles, tenets and Interests; another curve ball is thrown My way!  



I have always felt, as in Real Life, Honesty is of the utmost importance.  I have always used a real, relatively current picture of Myself.  I use My own name.  I do not hide where I live, how old I am, My marital status, or what I have done in My Lifetime.  I try to, never embellish in any way, who Eleanor Jodway is.  

My Friends in Real life can vouch for the fact that, I am a very blunt, forthright, honest and fair person; NEVER backwards in coming Forward!  When I have an issue with something, or someone; I confront it face first, immediately.  I don’t like to keep things inside, giving them the opportunity to fester.  And, I do not feel the need, EVER, to hash things out with everyone but the person/situation that I have issue with.  My modus operandi, is to deal with the person/situation, one on one…openly, and honestly.  If it cannot be resolved, then I walk away…move on.  I DO NOT go behind the scenes and engage in Character Assassination.  I do not cry in the open Timeline, (with or without identifying those who have wronged Me).  I simply disengage, and move on.  It is the right thing to do.  Really, I believe that I’ve made that perfectly clear, on more than a few occasions.  And yet, I who have tried to only put forth positivity; have time and again been the target of Hateful Trolls.  And, not ONE of those times, was it based honestly, on anything I had done!  



I am making one final effort to get My point across.  If You have an issue with Me….if You think I have wronged You in some way….if You believe that either knowingly or not, I have aligned Myself with the wrong type of people or situations, if I have judged You wrongly or misunderstood something You’ve said or done; then I beg of You…..Please approach Me; in a kind, open, honest and mature fashion.  I Welcome this, having absolutely NOTHING to hide.  

I am human, and have erred in My lifetime.  Not one of Us is guiltless in that regard.  But, those days….the days of poor judgement and stupid decisions, are far behind Me; as they should be with a 55 year old Woman!  So People,  PLEASE do NOT belittle again; all the Wonderful experiences I have had through Social Networking.  I really enjoy the time I spend online, (which is not as often these days), and the Amazing people I have met.  Stop robbing Me of that. Why should I have to withdraw from Spaces because of the reckless, actions of others?