To #FollowFriday, or not to #FollowFriday



When I joined Twitter just over 3 years ago, there were No Hashtags, Tweet-Speak, Trending, Lists, etc, etc.  It wasn’t Long However, before the Platform began to Grow to include these things, and much more.   Amongst the Growth Spurt, were Follow Fridays.  Started as a way to recommend Great People for others to follow, and to pay Homage to those People.  As trends go on Twitter; eventually people became bored with the Follow Fridays.  I have to assume, that as People’s numbers climbed, and with the Birth of the Follower propelled “Twitter Giants”; it seemed no longer important to help new Tweeps find Solid Follows.  No Longer necessary to pay-it-forward so to speak.  Instead it seemed to become a numbers Game, in every respect!  New Apps targeted Twitter’s members.  Apps like KLOUT, Linkedin, Kred, FourSquare, and EAv; to name a few.  And, now….it was all about Status.  Who had the most followers….who had the Highest Scores….Whose Shares were worth the most!  How many trips and perks You could get for free.  How You could become a writer for an online publication.  How many times You could make a list, or be included in an Article/Post.  Those things seemed more important to Share,  and Somehow….kind Trends like #FF’s, became a thing of the past.  Now considered litter/noise, in the Timeline.




I am sorry that the #FF mentions have become a thing of the past.  As most of You know…. I However, still do them.  I do not care if I get them back, but they are My way of saying….”You matter to Me!  I consider You an asset to Twitter/My Timeline, and I want to tell people that; so they don’t miss out on the experience of knowing You”!  And NO Matter HOW MANY People keep trying to Ram it down My Throat, that they don’t matter…they are noise, litter, spam; I will CONTINUE to do them.  Because People, I AM NOT convinced that You ALL do NOT matter anymore!  Nor Am I convinced that there are not still New people joining Twitter each and every day.  People, that like Me when I first started Twitter, could Use a Directional hand in finding their way around!  And Maybe…just Maybe, they matter too…yes?  Or maybe Not….unless they will somehow, increase someone Else’s Importance!




And, just as an afterthought….I try diligently to reply to each person who addresses Me, one on one.  Though this may cause some litter in My Followers streams, I think of it as being respectful of the relationships I have built with people.  In RL, I would not address someone who spoke to me, in a Group format.  And I will admit, if I address someone personally, I find it in poor taste if they do not respond at least once out of every 5-6 tweets  A response once in awhile is proper etiquette in My opinion!  As a rule, if someone does not respond once in awhile; I consider they are not worth the follow.  I try to follow, Real, kind, and Engaging persons!  Even tho, this seems to have become a thing of the past too!  Lost, in the Numbers Shuffle. 





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#FF Image  ~Kenny Silva

Follow Me Image  ~All Things Ghana

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9 thoughts on “To #FollowFriday, or not to #FollowFriday

  1. Very interesting article, Ellie! Your insight was spot on! I also still love Follow Friday as a way to connect with friends all over the world! How exciting is that? Sending smiles, hugs and love ~ Sarah ✿♡✿

  2. Ellie, great post. But I think you’re slightly mistaken. Follow Friday is alive and well! Look at your timeline starting Thursday night all the way into Saturday and you’ll see people from all over the world shouting out their Follow Friday props!Initially I think Follow Friday was a way to recommend people within a fairly small ecosystem, to help introduce new people to friends. But with 150 million users, it is much more difficult to "break through a meaningful Follow Friday message, PARTICULARLY on Fridays!I really appreciate it when people send me FF shouts, particularly if they are recommending only a few people (as opposed to cramming names to the max of 140, so it’s effectively not even retweetable) because it gives one an opportunity to really see who is listed. I try to return FF shouts to every follower, though I don’t usually send them back to people who are not following me…I mean, if I don’t know them and have no idea who they are, it seems a bit ludicrous to recommend them to others!Anyhow, great job, my friend! (((HUGGLES)))

  3. Loved it, it is also my philosophy – it is what twitter is / should really be about. Real people being social. I love #FF but I only do it occassionaly as I think it is something that should still be considered as a special and genuine introduction to follow the lovely people I follow. I also tend to use it as an introduction so although I am encouraging any of my followers to also follow I am definitely recommending that everyone on they same #FF should follow all the other people in that follow friday list if they don’t already, that is what I do anyway.

  4. Totally agree Ellie. If it is not overdone and spamming the timeline, I love Follow Friday. #ffs are a great way to show you value the connections you have made with your favourite tweeps. It is fun to receive mentions like More Beautiful than the Roses in my Garden or The Twitter royalty of LOYALTY. #ff makes it easy to follow the engaging, creative, and unique people valued by your Twitter friends. ♥ Susie L

  5. Thank You Susie!  I appreciate Your comments!  I refuse to be bullied into withdrawing My respect!  (((HUGS)))

  6. Well said Ellie – Twitter should be what we, as an individual, want it to be and we should never feel pressured to do anything different if we enjoy it (as long as it’s positive!).Your #FF wishes are always appreciated even if I sometimes forget to send you an acknowledgement and to me your attitude and ‘Twitter spirit’ embody everything that all this social media stuff is about.It’s great to see you dipping your toe in the blogging waters 🙂

  7. Thank You so much Tony!  I truly appreciate seeing You here, and Your support!   And Your Kind comments warmed My Heart…it makes Me feel as if I have generated exactly what I've tried to!  My toe's been in here for quite some time…I'm just not really good at it!   LOL   My Strength is connecting, not writing!  Now You, You're an Excellent Blogger!  Thanks Again…and Have a Wonderful #FollowFriday!  :))))

  8. Great post Ellie! As you know, I LOVE my Follow Fridays and always try to find the time to mention those people that mean the most to me on Twitter – my Twitter family if you like (including you my dear friend). Having said that, there are many people who feel that #FF isn’t for them and I respect that too. For me, it gives me an emotional buzz to see who’s thinking about me and recommending me and I do my best to reciprocate and respond to all who do so, but I understand that it isn’t for everyone. Thank you so much for sharing your insight and spirit.

  9. Thank You Sarah Darling!  I too respect people's right to opt out.  In fact, I respect their rights to Use the Twitter platform as set out by Twitter, in any way they choose.  It's why it Inflames Me when people keep suggesting to Me, the right and wrong way to Use MY Twitter.  That's why they have the unfollow option….yes?  LOL  Good to see You here BTW!  Thank You for Your comment and Your Support….but most of all for Your Wonderful Friendship, that allows Me to be Me!  XOX<div class="yj6qo ajU"><div id=":g4" class="ajR" tabindex="0"><img class="ajT" src=""></div></div&gt;

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