To #FollowFriday, or not to #FollowFriday



When I joined Twitter just over 3 years ago, there were No Hashtags, Tweet-Speak, Trending, Lists, etc, etc.  It wasn’t Long However, before the Platform began to Grow to include these things, and much more.   Amongst the Growth Spurt, were Follow Fridays.  Started as a way to recommend Great People for others to follow, and to pay Homage to those People.  As trends go on Twitter; eventually people became bored with the Follow Fridays.  I have to assume, that as People’s numbers climbed, and with the Birth of the Follower propelled “Twitter Giants”; it seemed no longer important to help new Tweeps find Solid Follows.  No Longer necessary to pay-it-forward so to speak.  Instead it seemed to become a numbers Game, in every respect!  New Apps targeted Twitter’s members.  Apps like KLOUT, Linkedin, Kred, FourSquare, and EAv; to name a few.  And, now….it was all about Status.  Who had the most followers….who had the Highest Scores….Whose Shares were worth the most!  How many trips and perks You could get for free.  How You could become a writer for an online publication.  How many times You could make a list, or be included in an Article/Post.  Those things seemed more important to Share,  and Somehow….kind Trends like #FF’s, became a thing of the past.  Now considered litter/noise, in the Timeline.




I am sorry that the #FF mentions have become a thing of the past.  As most of You know…. I However, still do them.  I do not care if I get them back, but they are My way of saying….”You matter to Me!  I consider You an asset to Twitter/My Timeline, and I want to tell people that; so they don’t miss out on the experience of knowing You”!  And NO Matter HOW MANY People keep trying to Ram it down My Throat, that they don’t matter…they are noise, litter, spam; I will CONTINUE to do them.  Because People, I AM NOT convinced that You ALL do NOT matter anymore!  Nor Am I convinced that there are not still New people joining Twitter each and every day.  People, that like Me when I first started Twitter, could Use a Directional hand in finding their way around!  And Maybe…just Maybe, they matter too…yes?  Or maybe Not….unless they will somehow, increase someone Else’s Importance!




And, just as an afterthought….I try diligently to reply to each person who addresses Me, one on one.  Though this may cause some litter in My Followers streams, I think of it as being respectful of the relationships I have built with people.  In RL, I would not address someone who spoke to me, in a Group format.  And I will admit, if I address someone personally, I find it in poor taste if they do not respond at least once out of every 5-6 tweets  A response once in awhile is proper etiquette in My opinion!  As a rule, if someone does not respond once in awhile; I consider they are not worth the follow.  I try to follow, Real, kind, and Engaging persons!  Even tho, this seems to have become a thing of the past too!  Lost, in the Numbers Shuffle. 





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#FF Image  ~Kenny Silva

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Baby-Boomer Fallout…

I don’t envy Parents, these days. Their desire to protect their Children is hard to realize, in the scope of Day to Day living. They can’t be with them all of the time…nor would their children want Them to be. But, each time they leave home, there is the worry what their Children will encounter…how safe the World They’re sending them out into, is!   We’ve left them a horrible legacy, (Us Baby-boomers).  One that has put them in Terrible Jeopardy!  I myself, have had cause to regret the Environment We created, as I’m sure have many from My Generation. Had We known back so many years ago, what Our actions would create; would We so readily have embraced Peace, Love, Groovy, and most Importantly..the battle against Establishment(?), (which is what they are paying for Now).




Would We have truly wanted to create this Hostile Environment that Our new Young leaders are forced to live in each day?  I Don’t believe We would!!  It’s so very hard to convey to them, what it was, that We were really fighting for…and why. *SIGH*   And, Instead, We have created a World full of Anger, Depravity, Intolerance, and Dissent.  As one who helped to create this, I am daily reminded, of how awry it all went!  That being said, the damage is done!  And, right now I want to apologize, to Every Young person who has been made Victim of the fallout of those poor decisions; Myself and others made!




They can still fix the things We broke.  Indeed I am seeing a Growing trend of Young People with just such a desire!  I beg that they will hold strong to those convictions.  NEVER give up their Ideals.  It may be a Long Hard road….but, at the end of the journey; there will be GREAT Reward.  They will have a More Humane World….one connected by the ability to access Anyone, from Anywhere; through the World Wide Web!  For the the first time in History, They will be able to rise above all forms of Rhetoric and Propaganda; to reach a Common goal.  Perhaps even, one day, attaining “World Peace”.  And at the very least, they could achieve a World where, “Their Children”, will feel Safe!  They can create a Kinder, Understanding Earth, and make their own Legacy.   This is “My Hope”, and moreover…this is what “THEY” Deserve!