Group Card, The end of an era….

I want to take a moment to explain something to all of You who have both received ‘s from Me in the past, and those of You who have participated in All of the Cards I have done:

First…THANK YOU! Goodwill is Free to share, and brings us all together in a loving and sharing environment! You were the true Heroes, propelling the Cards to Great Heights!

But, I NO LONGER Subscribe to . I have closed My account completely. Tho I will miss it, they have not been willing to fix the problems they have with their app, and in fact, when I recently contacted them about doing just that, so I could return to doing the cards everyone Loves so much; they took away my last 3 months of membership, without even notifying Me. They obviously don’t need My business, which is fine; but I cannot support their business either, under these Circumstances.

So Please people, Understand that I cannot participate in any further ‘s. Until I replace this app, I will continue to share Goodwill, by sending cards from American Greetings, Smilebox and Jackie Lawson Cards, to each of You, on Your Special Days!

Hopefully I will be able to, either have an app developed, or find a suitable substitute for ! I Love to share Goodwill with people, and sorely miss doing the Cards. So, Please do not be offended when I do not participate in the Group Card experience.

(((HUGS))) to all of You!


4 thoughts on “Group Card, The end of an era….

  1. I, for one, deeply regret GroupCard’s apathetic reaction to the problems you experienced. You were the ONE person who truly understood its quirks and could most efficiently navigate the site, not to mention how much joy you delivered to so many people over the years and how much you will be missed as the bearer of so many happy tidings!(((HUGGLES))) Terri

  2. Thank You Terri! I too am saddened by all of it! As You know….it was a very Happy niche for me! 😦 (((HUGGLES)))

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