Group Card, The end of an era….

I want to take a moment to explain something to all of You who have both received ‘s from Me in the past, and those of You who have participated in All of the Cards I have done:

First…THANK YOU! Goodwill is Free to share, and brings us all together in a loving and sharing environment! You were the true Heroes, propelling the Cards to Great Heights!

But, I NO LONGER Subscribe to . I have closed My account completely. Tho I will miss it, they have not been willing to fix the problems they have with their app, and in fact, when I recently contacted them about doing just that, so I could return to doing the cards everyone Loves so much; they took away my last 3 months of membership, without even notifying Me. They obviously don’t need My business, which is fine; but I cannot support their business either, under these Circumstances.

So Please people, Understand that I cannot participate in any further ‘s. Until I replace this app, I will continue to share Goodwill, by sending cards from American Greetings, Smilebox and Jackie Lawson Cards, to each of You, on Your Special Days!

Hopefully I will be able to, either have an app developed, or find a suitable substitute for ! I Love to share Goodwill with people, and sorely miss doing the Cards. So, Please do not be offended when I do not participate in the Group Card experience.

(((HUGS))) to all of You!