Autumn….My Fav Season of all!

My Fav Season  is definitely Fall.  It’s an end to the Hot and Humid Summers that we have!  Temps topping 40C with the humidex!  *YIKES* 

Autumn is ushered in with brilliant fiery red maples


….sage leaved Oaks,


 golden Chestnuts;


and, brisk winds blowing them all together in Colorful Brilliance, down the lanes and streets; across the empty parks!


Days take on a deeper grey.  And the sun sets bright, in early evening.  A cool Sunday afternoon spent reading a book on the porch, with a throw tossed over my knees.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


And an end to that day with a big Sunday dinner….and the smell of fresh baked, fall fruit pies; floating along on the breeze!!


YES…Indeed; My Favorite Season is Fall!  🙂