̴̴̴̡̡PɧօԵօ’ʂ…. βվ : “Ðąղἶҽƪƪҽ”

I have always enjoyed Photography.  It is a perfect way to share Your Memories, experiences….the Beauty that You encounter along the “Road of Life“! 

There is a Lovely Young lady I have come to know, from Middleton, Nova Scotia.  Her name is Danielle Baldwin.  Danielle is just at the start of what I believe will be, a Fabulous career in the World of Photography.  She has an impeccable eye!  I find in her work, the capture of some of Natures most Awesome Beauty. 

I hope that You enjoy her work as much as I have.  Feel free to share it with others.  And, watch for this Girl; because, one Day…she is going to be one of the best known Photographers to come out of Canada!

Have a Beautiful Day!! 




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All Photo’s Coutesy of….̴̴̴̡̡PɧօԵօ’ʂ…. βվ : “Ðąղἶҽƪƪҽ”


The Pearl Company….



This is where the trip Starts!  And it takes You to a Whole New World!  The World of Art! 




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Photo’s by LLLLawson



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