On that fateful day in Spring, so many years ago;
  A bond was formed, a Friendship forged….
Yet….How was I to know(?)

That days would pass, and Years go by….
  And…’til the day we’d die;
That You, “My Friend”…would ALWAYS be,
A “STAR” within my eye!

In this pic:  My Great Nieces

The Sun did come out Tomorrow!

Hahaha….I knew it would work!  The sun has risen from the ashes, (or should I say Clouds?), of the Rain!!!


It’s Not Your Choice!

I want to talk about a subject that has been at the front of my mind for quite some time now.

I have been a Twitter user for 3 years now. When I first came to Twitter, it was because of the public competition between Ashton Kutcher and Larry King. I knew nothing at all about Twitter; but I jumped on board blindly, anyway! I confess that I did not understand what all the fuss was about! “This is stupid”, I thought! I don’t know anybody….I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing! As I gathered a few follows, and added a few follows from the recommended list of “People to Follow”; I started to sort of get the gist of it

I am NOT now, and never have been a Techie. I am not a celebrity, an entrepreneur, a professor, or a Guru. What I am is, an ordinary Woman.

A few months went by…and I was now up to about 100 followers. I felt pretty good about that. But…I was bored too. I still was not getting as much out of Twitter as I thought I would. I was about to abandon Twitter when I met a girl who would go on to be my Twitter mentor. That girl was @krystynchong. She was Bright, outgoing, very well known and received on Twitter, and she treated me like I mattered. We shared some key traits; and a quick twiendship was borne of that meeting. It was Krys who walked me through the mechanics. She led both by Engaging with Me and by the content of her Posts. She told me not to give up…but to take it, reshape it…and make it my OWN! She was the one that set the standard for what Twitter would go on, to mean to me….what it still means to me.

I want to take a minute at this point in my post, to tell You what Twitter is to Me. Twitter is a place where I can go to spend time with other Great, Wonderful People from ALL Over the Globe! I can engage with people from all walks of life. People that in Real Life; I would never have that chance to! I can pick the brains of Genius’s. I can learn a new language if I choose. I can hear what’s going on in places far from, “My Reality”; bringing me closer to My fellow Man! Helping me to share their Joys, their sorrows, their ways of life!! Social Network is a Brave, Fabulous New way to see the World and it’s people! To share a piece of their Lives, that before this time in History; was not possible! It is an AMAZING time! I have met some of the Most Amazing people! I have made some Lifelong Friends! And for the most part, It’s been an absolutely Wondrous Ride on the “Twitter Twain”!

I have watched as many changes have taken place on Twitter. The introduction of Apps and Widgets. The introduction of Lists, the RT button, trending topics; and many other things that have made Twitter a more user friendly Platform. But I have also watched, at the same time; the rise of “The Experts”. People who have been elevated to God like status, by their followers; People who hang off their every word like it’s the Gospel. A heady experience for any Person…don’t You think? And I imagine it’s easy to get carried away when adoration is being heaped on You. But…at what point do You back off? At what point does Your advice, (most of which is not based on any particular expertise, i.e. degree’s in Technology, Science, Psychology, Sociology, Literature, Art, etc. etc.); become an imposition of Your own personal preferences, on others?

Okay, here is the real point of this post….. “It’s not Your choice!” The creators of Twitter set out specific terms and conditions for the use of Twitter. Those are the parameters that I will follow. I for one, like choosing who I will follow. When, how, and to what degree I will engage with people. And whether or not I want to do #FF ‘s! I for one am sick and tired of other people trying to shove their preferred use of, their content, and their choice of relevant materials down my throat! I just want to follow Kind and considerate people that will afford me the same courtesies, and rights; as I afford them. I don’t want to decide what color underwear You should wear…why should You decide for me? I don’t follow people to elevate my status…that’s NOT what Twitter is to Me. I have never used an app to garner new follows. I have never asked people to RT my posts, to unfollow people, or to support me in any other bad behaviours. And….I APPRECIATE each and every one of my Followers!!!! From the uneducated, poor and weak; to the educated, rich, and successful! You are ALL, the same to Me! Human Beings.

This is what I propose: From now on; if you do not like the content of my feed, (which surprises me as I am kind, fair, and considerate at all times, with my posts); then I invite You to not follow Me. As much as I value each and every one of You; I will not be led around by my nose like a two year old. I have opinions and ideas of my own, as do each of You. I respect Your boundaries, and I will Thank You to respect mine.

I hope Your Every Day is Bright with Sunshine and Goodwill! But, most importantly….I hope You’ll #BEKIND!!!